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So you want to know who or what is Fox Country Fish.  We can best sum up our reason for being in business by saying we believe in leaving it better then you found it. 

                The Wagner family founded Fox Country Farms in 1986 with itís experiments in grass fed cattle.  In 2009 after years of examining possible ways to raise freshwater fish for human consumption (while making a profit) we jumped in with both feet.  Under Heather Knox (daughter of James Wagner) and her husband Rob Knox Fox Country reoriented itís goals to raising food quality freshwater fish.  Heather decided after much research that the hybrid bluegill was ideal for Ohio.  Harrison County appears to be one of the best locations in the entire world to raise this species of fish.  Heather remembered how much she enjoyed eating bluegill as a child.  Quality taste made a perfect fit for her entry into raising hybrid bluegill.  Our first food fish were purchased in 2009.  Five ponds were in full production using all existing farm practices.  By the fall of 2009 it was evident that the current supply of fingerlings grew but making money just didnít seem likely.  Rob went into research mode.   After traveling to the south where most hybrid bluegill fingerlings are raised Rob had 250 thousand fingerlings shipped to the farm.  In the spring of 2010 18 new ponds were now in service and things looked better with improved fingerlings.   2010 saw a feed study with 6 feeds being tested.  Ohio State University assisted Fox as we narrowed the feeds down to the one that Fox would use in the future.  After two years of research aeration was improved to a level unmatched elsewhere in Ohio.  Great food, great fingerlings and exceptional water quality have come together to equal exceptional fish.  Hybrid bluegill, largemouth bass, striped bass and triploid grass carp have come together to make fish farming profitable in Ohio.  Visit us for a tour of the farm or call with questions.  If we can help you raise better fish, or get into the fish business, it will make our day.  We strive to leave it better then we found it.




Fox Country Farms

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